what it takes

The FCCMA will be seeking 5-7 Ambassadors per region to share the vision that Professional Management Matters (PMM) in government leadership positions. The task force is seeking professionals with the following qualifications to step up and support the cause:

  • Master’s Degree in Public Administration or equivalent
  • Significant experience in city/county management
  • Comfortable with addressing groups
  • A commitment to the profession
  • Dedication to building community awareness

Ambassadors will be asked by FCCMA leadership to personally communicate the message, and where appropriate, involve their staff in this awareness campaign. End-recipients of the message include the following groups:

  • Newly elected state representatives
  • Local elected/appointed officials in Ambassador’s current county and two closest counties (Elections, Attorney, Clerk, etc.)
  • Media outlets in Ambassador’s current county and two closest counties
  • Charter review boards within cities and counties not currently governed by council-manager form or those that are considering changing their form of government
  • Recruitment firms in Ambassador’s current county and two closest counties
  • Internal staff

Prime expectations of the Ambassadors include the following:

Electronic Communication – Ambassadors will be asked by FCCMA leadership to send electronic information preceded by a mailed letter to newly elected state representatives, elected/appointed local government officials, and charter review boards. The contents of these packages will be prepared by HCP and pulled from the regional planning guide.

Direct Outreach – Ambassadors will also have printed versions of these packages prepared for handout during in-person interactions with select target groups. Ambassadors will be asked to submit editorials written under their signature to selected local media outlets on the partnership between elected officials and professional managers, between charter review committees and professional managers, and between the next generation and current professional managers.

Event Attendance – Ambassadors will be asked by FCCMA leadership to frequently attend specified conferences and networking events where they will represent the campaign and share materials. They will also be asked to arrange speaking engagements at select universities in their region (if applicable) to address classes of students pursuing public administration degrees and share with them details of a day in the life of local government. Ambassadors are encouraged to extend an offer to the professors for a select number of students to shadow the Ambassador for a day. Educational speaking engagements should be planned for once a quarter.

Staff Involvement – Ambassadors are strongly encouraged to involve their staff, and particularly the Communications Departments, in this effort. We recommend shooting a Life Well Run video (if Ambassadors haven’t already) using the ICMA template and coordinate with the Communications Department for placement on television monitors where possible throughout public areas of city/county facilities and on the public access channel. We would also recommend coordinating with the Communications Department to arrange for banner advertisements on the local government website with links to the campaign website.

Internally, it is important for the Ambassador to influence their team with the message. They should arrange to have brochures placed in high-visibility and high traffic areas of city/county office building(s), and ensure that campaign materials are included in new employee orientation packages.

PMM in Action – Building awareness of the impact professional management has on local government is the root of this campaign. To achieve heightened awareness, Ambassadors will be expected to share examples locally of professional management in action with the communications firm for dissemination through the web and social media.