Florida Ambassadors will be chosen to represent their profession to the cities and counties immediately surrounding them. The map to the right provides a visual of the six regions. Each region will be represented by 5-7 Ambassadors. The initial region of focus is Central-West, which includes the counties shown in yellow.

General Expectations

Ambassadors will then take the information provided and serve as the spokesperson for their region, fulfilling the following expectations with the support of the FCCMA task force:

  • Share information with designated professional organizations in his or her community.
  • Attend professional conferences and events and share the Ambassador message.
  • Arrange speaking engagements with local universities and colleges to share what a public administration career entails.
  • Send materials to local media to encourage dissemination and actively pursue media coverage in your region.
  • Send packaged campaign materials to, or directly communicate with, elected officials, particularly in cities and counties where vacancies for professional managers exist.
  • Source news from within your region of examples of professional management at its best.
  • Have a quarterly conference call with the committee and advisors overseeing the campaign.

Regional Planning Guide

To guide all of these activities, Ambassadors will receive a regional planning guide with all of the information they need to share the Professional Management Matters message with the target groups in the form of talking points and materials.

Contents of this guide include:

  • Bios and contact information for the FCCMA’s executive director, task force members, the communication firm, and fellow ambassadors covering the region.
  • Background information explaining the history of this effort and why it is so important
  • Expectations held for those who step up and become a Florida Ambassador.
  • Information on each of the groups the Ambassadors will be communicating with and what messages will be recommended to gain their understanding.
  • A number of tools to be used in talking points and outreach, including a Did You Know fact sheet, videos, history of the profession, case studies of turnaround cities/counties, local media outlet contacts, and educational institution contacts.
  • A calendar of events and activities that will guide the Ambassador throughout the year and ensure that the Professional Management Matters message is being deployed.

For more information on the Ambassador role and related expectations, click here.